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Embedded in much of your readings about the various CIKR sectors is the continuing issue of risk. By now you are beginning to understand what an important part of our lives are the topics of risk, threat, and warning. This week we are going to focus on managing risk. As you begin this dialog, describe what it means to manage risk. Now that you know how to assess risk, you will begin to intuitively think about the countermeasures (mitigation) that are so very important to the viability, durability, and resilience of our infrastructure. As you discuss these matters, please do not overlook perhaps the single greatest threat of all to our infrastructure: neglect. It might also be interesting to compare infrastructure in developed countries to that in the undeveloped world. There are countless numbers of souls on the planet that live with very little infrastructure at all. For those of us who have not seen this way of life, it is impossible to comprehend. For those of us who have seen it, and many of you have, we can be eternally grateful that we are privileged to live and rear our children in this country. Last week much of the discussion was only tangentially related to infrastructure. Try to keep this week’s discussions more closely focused on our national infrastructure. Always contact me if you have questions. Cheers.

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