Week 5 Assignment: Identifying a Theory

Now that you have begun to address a potential topic for your dissertation or doctoral project, it is time to focus on the theory or theories that can ground and guide your study of the topic. To do so, you must be able to respond correctly to the following questions:·         What is theory?·         What is the role of theory?More importantly, however, you must be able to identify the theory that fits best with your work and how it will function in your study.InstructionsUsing the Capella library guide for your discipline, search for 10 additional articles on your potential topic and summarize the theory used in those studies, addressing the following in a Word document:·         Identify a potential theory to ground and guide a future study.o    Discuss why you believe the articles address your theory.·         Discuss how the theory is used in each article.o    Discuss what role the theory played in the study.·         Articulate the role of theory in the type of study under consideration to be conducted.o    If applicable, discuss the differences in how you would apply theory in quantitative and qualitative studies.·         Discuss how the articles identified gaps in theory or practice.·         As a scholar-practitioner, apply conventions of voice, academic tone, and discipline-specific language.…

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