Week 4 reply (2)

Please reply to this discussion with one reference.   

-The middle-range theory is a form of typical concepts which have been fixed on a limited scope of the reality of nursing. The theories are composed of different ideas along with an organized form among the ideas which could be related to the creation of a model. The middle range theories are normally progressed as well as advanced in the areas of practice and research so that they achieve the well-defined direction for the general practice as well as intellectual research which has been placed in the field of nursing (J.B., Rich, K.L, 2016).  The main purpose of the middle range theory is to define different conditions for both the objects as well as elements that are involved in the field of caring in nursing. Its main focus is on the outcome of several of the objects which are responsible for the performance of the patients and the assessments that are needed so that they can boost the health care performance.

This discussion will focus on the chronic sorrow theory which is a middle-range theory by Eakes, Burke, and Hainsworth (J.B., Rich, K.L, 2016). The main aim of the theory is to identify the typical experiences of the people when they come across continuous differences as a result of significant loss. The theory assumed that every human being is made of emotional reactions. The emotional nature is going to come to the picture as a result of the occurrence of various unusual events found in society. The basic understanding of the Chronic Sorrow will assist the nurses in gaining knowledge from their nursing practice research and later implement them in the field of caring to provide the patient with strong care.

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