Week 3 Assignment: Nurse Educator Interview: The Interview Principles of Teaching and Learning

Nurse Educator Interview

At some point between weeks 2 and 4, you will conduct an interview with an experienced nurse educator following the assignment guidelines below.

Assignment Guidelines

The Interview Dress and act professionally. Be punctual and organized. Take your typed questions with you. Ask only one question at a time. Be courteous and confident, and demonstrate your interest in the nurse educator’s comments. Strive to create a connection. Should you wish to quote any responses, get permission in writing. If you are using a tape recorder, check to make sure it is working over the course of the interview. If the nurse educator strays from topic, ask questions to steer the conversation back. Before concluding the interview, ask if there are any final comments or points the nurse educator would like to add. Do not extend the interview time beyond 30-minutes unless the nurse educator strongly encourages you to do so. Conclude the interview by thanking the nurse educator. Offer a copy of your final paper if the nurse educator wishes to have one. Explain how the nurse educator can contact you later if necessary. Ask for the nurse educator’s business card before leaving.

Interview Follow-Up Send a short thank you note to the nurse educator within a day or two after the interview. Keep the interview information on file for future reference. The nurse educator may be an important contact for you at some point in your career.

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