Walden Strategic Planning Process & Evaluation of Implementation Paper

Based on the scenario below that involves a health care organization with an issue requiring an evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan. Reflect on the issue and, as a team, begin identifying and discussing evaluation or monitoring tools that would be useful to address this issue. Be sure to consider the following:

  • What strategic controls (e.g., promise control, implementation control, strategic surveillance, and special alert control) might you use and why?
  • What monitoring tools (e.g., Gantt Chart, Balanced Scorecard, Dashboard, etc.) might you use and why?
  • What are two tactical objectives that the organization might leverage to effectively address operations requirements and limit negative consequences?

Millersville Regional Medical Center, a 130-bed Level II trauma medical center, is located in rural Alabama. The nearest Level I trauma center is approximately 70 miles away. In the last 18 months, the hospital’s leadership has noticed a 40% increase in the volume of patients visiting the emergency department, which has made it impossible to provide quality and timely patient care to those coming to their facility. After an external analysis, results revealed that the community has received an influx of immigrants who are working on 10 farms, and these workers do not have health insurance. Although the medical center’s leadership wants to meet the demand for services, it has been unsuccessful at recruiting more physicians and nurses because urban cities are able to offer their younger workforce better pay and amenities. Moreover, the organization has depleted its charitable/uncompensated care budget, and it is only month five of the fiscal year.

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