Use excel to do a tableau

  • The project focus is on a Tableau Story. You should create as many worksheets and dashboards that are necessary to present a complete understanding of your data. This is approximately 15 different views of the data (e.g. 10 independent & different charts + 5 dashboards).
  • Timetable
    • Clear statement of the problem to be solved or situation to be analyzed
    • Selection of the Data Set for the specific data domain
    • Use Excel to cleanse data as needed, connect to Tableau to visualize data and build the Story
    • Develop your demonstration for the specific data domain and present it, all members present a portion of it
  • Files to be included in the group submission:
    • Word document with problem + overview of solution
    • Short explanation of every chart and/or dashboard
    • Excel file containing the clean data
    • Tableau file
    • Export packaged workbook
    • A pdf with the Data Story created
    • Peer evaluation
  • The submission should include your class section, the Group # and the names of all group members in the Excel and pdf first page.
  • The project is due equally for all teams on the day of first group presentation.
  • Have fun with the project and be creative. Consider a problem you are solving for a company, department or country when exploring the data.

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