Unit 3 DB – Mitigating Project Risks

350 – 600 words

Risk response strategies are the ways in which risks can be handled if they occur. For negative risks, the appropriate strategies are: accept, mitigate, avoid, and transfer. For positive risk, the strategies are: accept, enhance, exploit, and share.

Choose 2 of the risks you identified in Unit 2, and respond to the following questions:

  • For each of the risks, discuss whether the risk is a positive or a negative one.
  • Discuss the type of risk response strategy that is appropriate for each risk.
  • Why is this strategy appropriate for this risk?
  • How will you work with the project team to determine the risk response strategies for each risk in your project?

Write 2 more paragraphs that are an introduction and conclusion to this topic. Be sure to include your references, and format your submission in APA format.

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