Revenue cycle job research paper

*****2 Part Assignment, Must be completed separately in 2 separate word docs*****
you will be researching potential career roles in the healthcare revenue cycle field, which your health information education prepares you for.
To complete this assignment, do the following:

Research positions in the revenue cycle using your course readings, the AHIMA Career Map (, or other resources you may find on the Internet. From this research, select three different positions that interest you. Identify the job title and provide a brief overview of the responsibilities and which component of the revenue cycle you think this position belongs in.
Select one revenue cycle position from a career job site where open positions are listed, such as, Simply Hired, or AHIMA Career Assist ( (On the AHIMA home page, click Career & Student Center, and then click Career Assist: Job Bank).
Include an APA-formatted References page of all the sources you accessed and used in your narrative, including job search sites. Be sure to cite all sources within your narrative.
Prepare a short narrative describing the one position you selected in #2 above. The narrative summary of your research should include the following:

Job title
Overview of the role and responsibilities
Job requirements: education, experience, certifications, and other skills
Whether this is a remote work opportunity or requires travel or relocation
Salary range, if available
Number of direct reports, if applicable
Site(s) responsibility
Type of organization (for example, acute care, vendor or contract service, ambulatory care, physician clinic, academic institution)

Based on the career opportunity research performed as part of the written assignment, select one of the jobs that you found to be of interest and share your findings. In the post, indicate why this role is interesting to you and discuss the skills, education, certifications, and experience required to fulfill the role. Indicate the qualifications you currently possess that make you eligible for the position and what you might need to do to close the gap on the qualifications.
300 Word minimum, APA Format

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