Research instruments |

1. Describe a survey, instrument, or tool that you plan to use in fall prevention project. Describe the tool in terms of name, number of items, how it is answered (for example: Likert scale, yes/no, open answers, etc.), and the total score. Describe the level of measurement for this instrument. (Instrument will be using: Fall Risk Assessment questionnaire and Hendrich Fall Risk assessment scale.)
2. Describe the validity and reliability of the above instruments you chose. How is this different from external and internal validity?
3. Discuss why you chose these instruments for your study? (My project is aimed to explore how bladder training and timed voiding programs can be used in the process of preventing unassisted falls which occurs related to mobility dysfunction due to the ischemic stroke. Quasi-experimental design and quantitative study.)
4. Describe a vulnerable population in terms of research. Why is the population considered vulnerable? What other groups might also be considered vulnerable populations.
5. Discuss the benefit of using “The Hospitalization Risk Screening Tool (HARMS-8)” for their patients from primary care providers.
Answer each question with 150 words or more. Support with references within last 5 years for each answer.

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