Public Health Administration, LEADERship—> 15 Pg LONGAssgnm. PLEASE DON’T Bid Unless You Can Deliver by TUESDAY 9PM EST US; REQUESTED to keep continuous and honest communication with me to update me on the progress


LOOONG Project Assign-15 pages.

Please see the Instructions below:

1) I have attached all 3 Assignmnets work that was done during Semester toward this Project AND I have included PROF. feedback of each Assignmnet work that was done. There are 3 parts, 3 Assignmnts DONE already that are part of this Project, and I included them in the attached WORD doc. named FINAL PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS.

 2)Also attached is the RECENT FINAL PROJ.GUIDELINES for step by step, what to address in the Final Proj.Assgnm. Please, address ALL PARTS asked by these INSTRCUTIONS in  the Final Product. As I said, 3 small parts were done already and you can include some of these parts in FINAL PRODUCT, as requested by FINAL PROJ GUIDELINES, however you cannot copy paste the PREVIOUS ASSIGN. entirely in FINAL PRODUCT, you can maintain soem paragraphs, some ideas, and ADD more to ideas presented in the 3 Assignm. done.


a)RECENTFINAL PROJECTGuidelines pdf–> has all subtitles you need to address in FIANL PRODUCT

b)FINAL PROJ INSTRCT word doc—>is where I attcahed all 3 Assignm that were doen during Semester toward this Final Project Subject; I also attached PROF. feedback, as well as the Resources needed for each of the 3 Assignmcompleted already.

c)RESOURCES for every title in FProj word doc–> it has EVERY SINGLE TITLE that needs to be addressed in FinalProj ( taken from RECENTFINAL PROJECTGuidelines) showing the appropriate REsources for it to search, read. dig in.

 I have 2 Collegues WORK that I can send AFTER I chose a Tutor, so that the work will have a GUIDE.

You need to Follow the TOPIC and integrate all the facts request by Instrcutions

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