Perceptions of responses

Please answer questions in apa format and required word count 2500 words or more. Make sure to cite the sources with scholarly sources(5 or more). Please make sure answers are original and not off other cites as there will be a plagiarism check.

Job Offers Are Won and Lost Based on Interviewers’ Perceptions of Responses to the Question “What Are Your Weaknesses”? (pp. 202-203)


Which of the perceptual errors listed in Table 7-2 are affecting recruiters’ perceptions in this case? Discuss.


What negative stereotypes are fueling recruiters’ perceptions?


To what extent do the Pygmalion effect, the Galatea effect, and the Golem effect play a role in this case? Explain.


What lessons about perception are derived from this case?


What recommendations might you offer in how the “weakness” question should be answered? Explain how this answer might be perceived by recruiters.

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