PBHE315 Research Topic & Outline

Research Topic and Outline

The final project for this course is a Research Paper. The first two assignments will help you find the tools needed to prepare and gradually build your final research paper. The research paper for this course will be argumentative. The argumentative research paper requires you to take a position on an issue and support the position with persuasive facts and statements.  First, select a Research Paper TOPIC that can be assessed using health care economics principles. 

Please choose from the following topics the issue you are going to discuss.           A history of Medicare cost containment policies          Not-for-profit versus for profit          State children health insurance programs          Medicare prospective payment program          Medicare and Medicate dual eligibility          Health maintenance organizations          Long-term health care insurance          The managed care backlash          Impact of obesity on healthcare costs          Impact of diabetes on healthcare costs          Impact of smoking on healthcare costs          Nursing shortages          Cost of Pharmaceuticals Second, provide your research paper with the following OUTLINE (Your final paper assignment should include a detail explanation of this outline):

a. Introduction -Your introduction should give a brief overview of the topic you are going to discuss. The last sentence of your introduction section should be your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should start with – The purpose of this paper is to…..

b. Body of paper – The body of your paper should organize how you plan to address each required section of the paper. Each supporting item is then broken down into smaller supporting items.          An overview of the issue          Why is this issue a concern from a health care economics perspective?          Who are the major parties involved in this issue?          Which market forces have an impact on this issue?          How is demand illustrated in this issue?          How is supply illustrated in this issue?          How has the affordable care act impacted this issue?          How are health disparities demonstrated in this issue?          How has this issue been improved in other global markets?          What is your recommendation for making improvements based on economic principles.  

c. Conclusion – The conclusion of your paper should summarize your thesis statement and the supporting items discussed in your paper. In this outline, please indicate what you expect the finding to be. 

d. References – Provide list of five (5) bibliographic references (using APA format).  Your final research paper will require seven (7) bibliographic references. (You may use your textbook as a reference and you should have a minimum of 6 academic outside references including 3 peer-reviewed journal articles


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