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You have at least one semester under your belt, and you are entering the practice of research methods and research curiosity. Central to a PhD program is the student’s research question. This question often takes many revisions. What is the research question emerging for you at this point in the program? Post your question and interact with your colleagues regarding their questions. Please include the following:Your current research question and possible conversation partners (books, authors, leaders, articles, etc.).The rationale for your question: Why is this important? Who are the subjects of the research? Who is the audience of the research? Why is this important to your own interests and development? Why are you the person to do this research?       Research Question: Draft Research Question: “How does the relationship between Black morticians and Black ministers affect the power dynamics and leadership structures within funeral homes, and how does this affect decision-making?” Rationale: The research question explores leadership structures and power dynamics to highlight organizational behavior. Gaining an understanding of the dynamics of power and decision-making is essential to understanding how teamwork affects funeral homes’ overall performance and how responsive they are to community requirements. A unique evolution of power dynamics and leadership occurs within the funeral homes due to the collaborative interaction between Black clergy and Black morticians. The social invisibility that penetrates the funeral and mortuary industries is something that Guides et al. (2021) claim funeral directors and morticians deal with all too frequently. It analyzes the pervasive taboos in society around death and the handling of dead bodies. Despite this, Black ministers and morticians must cope with hazards and pressures associated with their jobs daily, which has an impact on their health and wellbeing. This occupational group deals with issues associated with the workplace, such as handling human remains, assisting grieving families, and dealing with social preconceptions related to the workplace (Turner & Caswell, 2022). Understanding the unique characteristics of the two professional groups and how they handle decision-making is emphasized, and authority negotiation is clarified as a result of this investigation. Due to their cooperation, dispersed or shared leadership structures were developed, which have an impact on how different roles and abilities are integrated. Cultural awareness is essential in all facets of life, especially while interacting with the somber burial ceremony setting. To provide appropriate and consoling experiences during such delicate periods, it is critical to acknowledge and honor newly emerging cultural differences (Powell, 2023). As in every business, it is critical to take into account the culture of your clientele because it plays an important role. This means that while making decisions, you need to be especially mindful of cultural quirks. There are many different cultural customs observed at funeral services across the globe, ranging from rites and rituals to cremation or other forms of interment. Every one of these civilizations embodies certain customs that are quite important. It is believed that the interaction of power dynamics and cultural sensitivity influences leadership styles, hence it is important for leaders to show that they are culturally competent. Since the Black ministers in this instance take on spiritual duties, the decision-making process gains a unique perspective that enhances the organizational strategy. Encouraging teamwork among funeral directors leads to decision-making that is focused on the requirements of the community, guaranteeing that they continue to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Analyzing the funeral homes’ leadership structure and power relationships might reveal important information about organizational behavior. It emphasizes accountability and flexibility in the end to ensure the long-term viability of funeral homes’ operations.

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