Nursing Homework

1. Your introduction positions the reader with a clear & explicit understanding of the task with a logical flow between paragraphs. The conclusion is decisive and relates clearly and specifically to the task showing originality and inspired thinking. No presentation errors.   INTRO- 100 AND CONCLUSION – 100 WORDS


Discuss significance for the GRN .( Discusses the significance of your chosen strategy(MENTORING) in relation to transitioning to practice as a GRN with insight and comprehensive understanding….300 WORDS …WITH HIGH QUALITY SCHOLARLY JOURAL ARTICLES))      

The writing need to be well supported by accurately referenced quality, highly relevant, and well-focused literature that exactly addressed the task. 


Critically discuss in relation to work life balance and resilience (400 words) ..

(Your critical discussion displays evidence based convincing clarity and persuasive reasoning when considering the implications of the strategy on work-life balance and developing resilience for the GRN).


Advocate for realistic actions
Your argument as to how your SMART goals enable realistic action to achieve work-life balance and developing resilience is insightful and explicit and relates specifically to the GRN. The writing is informed by a wide range of literature that is highly valid, defining and authoritative. 300 WORDS

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