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  Week 1: Creating a Philosophy of Leadership

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Please note, all NR534 discussions occur in small groups. For this reason, please review the Small Group Discussion Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)

Part 1: Individual

Whether or not it is written or verbally articulated, everyone has an idea or belief system about leadership that influences their behavior as a leader and a follower. Many factors combine that inform your leaderhip philosophy. Discuss your personal beliefs, values, experiences, and current leadership principles and trends that influence your leadership philosophy. In 3-5 sentences clearly articulate your personal leadership philosophy. This should begin with, “My philosophy of leadership is…..” Describe how your leadership philosophy relates to the position and the organization within which you currently work. How does it affect the work you do, how you make decisions, and the culture you promote.

Part 2: With Your Group Discuss the commonalities and differences among the statements from the group. How does your personal philosophy compare to the philosophy of your organization? How do you reconcile discrepancies between them? What impact does congruency between your personal leadership and the organization’s philosophy have on creating a person-centered, caring healthcare organization?

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