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Part 1: For this project, you will choose to interview an adult who is in the middle, late, or oldest stages of adulthood and outline the following factors throughout their childhood and adult development: Risk Factors, Resilience Factors, Major Stressors/Trauma, and Developmental Stages they met or failed to meet (childhood stages must include at least 3 theorists).

Part 2: You will create a developmental milestones chart using Excel (sample provided on canvas) and chart each of the following eight developmental milestones throughout our lives: Prenatal, Infancy & Toddlerhood (0-3yrs), Preschool: Early School Age (3-6yrs), Middle Childhood (7-12yrs), Early Adolescence (13-18yrs), Late Adolescence (19-25yrs), Early  Adulthood (26-35yrs), Middle Adulthood (36-60yrs), Late Adulthood (61-75yrs), Oldest-Old Elderhood (75yrs & up). Bonus points will be given to students who are able to interview an adult in the oldest-old elderhood stage.  Due: Monday, December 2nd

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