Male victims of domestic abuse: implications for health visiting practice. Susan M Perryman. Health Visitor, Practice Te. 7pages APA format, less then 5years.

Article Critique Assignments
The article critique assignment is based on the notion that not all published research is scientifically sound and that all study findings are not absolute and true. In the critique assignment, you will choose a research study on a familiar topic and compare and comment on the various sections of the study based on the ideal steps of the research process.
When completing the critique assignment, note that you’re critiquing with comments based on the logical steps of the research process. Critique process for quantitative studies include: Phase 1—Comprehension, Phase 2—Comparison, Phase 3—Analysis, Phase 4—Evaluation. Comprehension: Read the article carefully and highlight each step of the research process within the article. Comparison and analysis: With the knowledge of each step of the research process (that will be discussed over the semester) examine and compare the extent to which the researcher followed the rules for an ideal study by examining parts of the study for accuracy, completeness, and organization, then analyze the logical links among the steps of the study. Evaluation: Involves determining the meaning and significance of the study by examining the links among the study process, study findings, and previous studies.
As noted in the critic process of one of the Jones and Bartlett publisher’s textbook, in the same way, another general rule includes:
a. Read the entire study carefully
b. Examine the organization and perspectives
c. Highlight each step of the research process
d. Identify the strengths and weaknesses objectively.
e. Determine how well the study followed the rules of the ideal study
f. Consider the applicability of the research results to practice.
Vance, D.E., Talley, M., Azuero, A., Pearce, P.F., Christian, B.J. (2013).
Conducting an article critique for a quantitative research study: perspectives for doctoral students and other novice readers. Nursing: Research and Reviews, 3, 67-75.

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