Leader in Action 7

Directions: Read the Leader in Action Jack Dorsey, the Creative Leader and Cofounder of Twitter and Square on p. 369-370 and respond/analyze the following questions:

1. Identify several of Dorsey’s leadership techniques that are known to be effective ways for enhancing creativity and innovation.

2. By now Dorsey must have about 3 million followers on Twitter. What appears to be his appeal to Twitter members?

3. Based on whatever information you might have or find available, how well is Jack Dorsey doing at Twitter and Square? Is he still a vital part of Twitter and Square? Has he moved on to another company, what shape are Twitter and Square in today? Give me a brief analysis of the impact of his leadership.

Complete the analysis of these questions with sufficient evidence from DuBrin and your thoughts to thoroughly discuss the leadership style of this leader.

To submit: Label the assignment:

Leader in Action p.

Your name

You do not need a title page. However, you must include support from DuBrin to support your responses, indicated by an intext citations. Please number each question and include a minimum of 1 intext citation per question response. If you apply other sources–please list your additional sources at the end of the assignment.

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