How did you feel about the disturbing or discouraging trends?

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Self Reflection
Self Reflection
Does it change how you see this age group? 
The interview does change how I view the adolescents in the sense that I have realized that they are more delicate individuals to handle than I have always thought. I have thus learned that it is imperative to come up with impeccable ways of dealing with them so that I can assist them to live their best lives. Adolescents face many challenges which to some extent affect them and it is thus imperative to help them overcome the challenges and lead peaceful lives. The interview has also changed how I see this group in that I have learned some of the challenges that the people in the group encounters, their characteristics and also ways of dealing with them tactfully so that they can freely interact and share their issues.
How did you feel about the disturbing or discouraging trends? How did you feel about the positive and motivating trends? 
I felt that the discouraging trends among the adults such as being forgetful are very common. I, however, realized that counsellors should come up with enticing ways which are capable of catching the attention of the adolescents during counselling. The approach will make it easier for them to grasp the concepts taught and hence will improve the counselling experience. Some of the positive and motivating trends that I learned from the interview about dealing with this group of clients is that they have the ability to learn new skills and concepts easily and they also get easily attached to the people who they feel care about them most (Head, 2017). From the experience, I realized on the need to ensure the creation of a positive relationship with the group that is based on trust so that I can bee in a position to interact with them well. I also feel that coming up with interesting ways of handling issues and finding solutions to the problems when dealing with the adolescents will also make it much easier for them to grasp the concepts learned in the counselling sessions.
Would any of this information change your decision to work with this age group?
None of the information gained from the interview would change my decision to work with the adolescents. The reason behind this is the fact that I have always been interested to work with this group of people so that I can help them to solve the challenges that they encounter every day and also help them to lay a good foundation for their future. The other reason why the information obtained would not prompt me to work with this group of people is because I have always loved to work and interact with the young people due to their ability to grasp concepts easily. It is also easier to get along with them and build a connection or a relationship that is based on trust hence making it easy for them to open up on the challenges that they are experiencing in their lives so that we can get a solution to them as a team.
Also, express and justify how you view sport and exercise as related to this issue
Sports and exercise are related to counselling especially in this age group in the sense that they help the young people in relieving them from stress, anxiety and depression. Engaging in sports and exercises can to a large extent assist the people in this specific group to feel better about themselves and their lives due to the fact that it distracts them from worries (Morgan, & Goldston, 2013). They allow them to have some quiet time and hence rule out the idea of having negative thoughts. I also feel that sports and exercise are important in that they tend to promote the feelings of well-being and calm and as a result, the adolescents are able to feel good about who they are and their life and it makes it easy to come up with the most viable solutions to the challenges that they may be facing. Sport and exercise are also imperative in the healing process.
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