The last portion of the course project will require you to identify your desired healthcare career profession along with personal characteristics associated with this profession. You will also have to create an academic and professional career plan along with short-term and long-term goals associated with these plans.

Download the document below and answer the appropriate sections that are required. This document is the course project assignment and it will include the instructions on what to specifically discuss:

Academic and Professional Career Plans and Goals

Download the Reflective Concepts for Academic and Profession Career Plan document to assist your reflection of the work and research you performed in the course. You do not need to answer or submit any information pertaining to this document, but rather it’s to be used as a reference and tool for completing and creating your academic and professional career plan and goals. (Healthcare Administrator of a NICU department at a hospital or Administrator of a Pediatric Office)

Reflective Concepts for Academic and Professional Career Plan

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