Within my facility, they have an actual process to review or revise policies that staff could do if they feel that something is out of date, or just needs a review. In the request to change a policy or procedure, it states, “If there is a REVISION to the document, are the revisions such that staff education/awareness is needed? How will this be accomplished? Who is responsible?” (Bellin Health, 2019) This shows that it is more than just an organizational thing. When something gets changed, more than us need to know about it. For example, if we change a policy for what company we use to transport patients, more than us have to know, and approve, this change. It impacts more than just our organization. Changes need to be supported by more than just the group that is changing it because it impacts the community. Going back to my example, if we change who we use for transportation, it impacts the drivers, the patients, their families, the hospital staff, and countless other people. Most everyone, if not all, should be supportive. Without support, it is hard to change anything. Support really helps ‘snowball’ things and get things rolling in the right direction. I already have the support of my mentor, and I feel that my department will have my support because it is something that we have to work on, and the policy that we are using now may not be the best for our department. I will put my research in our department’s weekly huddle and see what their thoughts on how to fix the problem. They may have some good ideas that I have not thought of and research from there. REFERENCEBellin Health. (2019). Process for the review/revision of policies & procedures. Unpublished internal 

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