CJ450 Catholic Distance University Terrorist Group Correction Paper

Develop several ways that a goal of a terrorist group will virtually dictate the methodologies it would consider or use.From that analysis then, develop how the different targets and potential targets of international terror groups would be categorized.
As a different approach, how would the selection of a target first, dictate its target-classification, and from there what attack methodology(ies) would be used against it?Can you present any examples?
How about the reverse?How would a terror group decide on a particular attack methodology first, which would then dictate its target(s).Is it possible that both B and C would continue to be seen in the future?How do the ultimate goals of a terror group dictate or influence both of these?
From all of that, what weaknesses do you see in the classification of strategic level attack methodologies developed in “When Terror Returns”?

Reading Assignment
Giduck, When Terror Returns (2011), pp. 57-85.
Lee Harris, Civilization and its Enemies: The Next Stage of History (New York: Free Press, 2004), pp. xi-19.

OPTIONAL, SKIM ONLY: Richard Preston,The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story (New York: Anchor Books, 1995), pp. 1-47.

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