Choose 4 fallacies and do a minimum of 300 word summary on each

Spotting Logical Fallacies in the Media (EXTRA CREDIT): If you haven’t already learned about logical fallacies, I guarantee you – you are being played by the media. I highly recommend you consider doing this assignment for extra credit. It has the power to considerably change your life.

  1. First: Learn about logical fallacies with this quick and easy primer ( to an external site.), then…
  2. Find some examples of logical fallacies used in the media. For each specific example you find, you’ll describe the source of the fallacy, (where and when did you spot it?)
  3. Include a link to what you’re describing, the specifics about its use – ie: what was said, in what context, which logical fallacy it represents, and why you think your chosen example is an example of that fallacy. Be sure to include:
    • a summary (in your own words) of the fallacy itself (5 points)
    • a summary of the media item itself (5 points)
    • a statement about why you think that media item is a good example of that fallacy (10 points).
    • Write at least 300 words per fallacy. More is better. (5 points)
  4. You can earn up to 100 points, by doing up to four (4) different fallacies correctly at up to 25 points each. You’ll also garner the lifelong benefit of learning about logical fallacies – which is a mark of an educated, critical thinker. (If you are not sure your entries are worth full credit, and want to be certain you earn the full 100 points of extra credit available to you, and want to be a more educated human being, I recommend submitting five different fallacies instead of four – just to be safe!) 🙂
  5. No points will be given for incorrect examples, so make sure you’re making a good argument for why you think your example applies.

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