Chapter 17: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the first Year of Life


Nutrition through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Infant feeding, Chapter 17

The chapters covering nutrition through the life cycle deserve a full 3 – 5 credit class. For the purpose of an overview, it is most important that students understand the differences in nutrient needs among the various stages of growth, development and maintenance through the ages. These differences are influenced by body changes that affect metabolism, growth rates, absorption effectiveness, activity levels to name a few. The food based guidelines adjust to caloric and nutrient needs and are reflected in various Plate Diagrams intended for specific age groups.

Chapter 17: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the first Year of Life  (10 pts)

Please read the following articles in addition to Chapter 17: 

1. (5)  What specific nutrient needs change during pregnancy from the adult woman, including calories, macro and micronutrients and fluid needs? (Refer to the the DRI charts in the front of your text book.) Address any supplements that are recommended..

2. (2) What lifestyle changes should a pregnant woman make to ensure a healthy pregnancy outcome?

3. (8) Assume you work in a WIC Clinic. (Women, Infants and Children’s Supplemental Food Program). A woman is asking you why she should consider breastfeeding and what to expect. She is not convinced it is worth all the effort. What information would be important to tell her?

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