Cardiovascular Medications Discussion

Cardiovascular Medication Discussion. 

This is for a discussion post. There are TWO parts to this post

There are numerous medications to treat disorders of the cardiovascular system. Below are just four of the medication categories used to treat hypertension.


ACE inhibitors

Calcium Channel Blockers


1.Discuss the difference between each medication.

2. Choose from one of the four categories listed above. Provide an example patient scenario (can be from your own experience as a nurse) where a patient would be treated with the class of medication you chose from the four listed above. You only need to provide one scenario, but make sure it is using a medication that correlates to one of the four classes above.

For example…

Patient A has _________ diagnosis. His baseline BP is _______. The physician would most likely prescribe this class of medication ___________ and more specifically this drug ________.

Of course, this is just an example to get you started. 

Please elaborate on your patient scenarios and support your statements with evidenced based literature.

Pleas provide at least two references in APA format 

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