BHS Module 5 Case stories of success

Foundation for this assignment
Successful interventions rely on strong leadership and program management, steady and adequate funding, and the governments’ willingness to use their authority to improve the health of their populations. Improvements in health can, in turn, help development efforts.
Task for this assignment
In this assignment you will write a 2 – 3 page paper about a global health success story. You should include:

A description of the global health issue
A description of the population that is affected
Statistics about how many people were affected and how many died due to this issue
The number of cases (if any) today
Who/what raised awarness of the issue
Who initiated an intervention or campaign to address the issue
Who else helped
What was done to address the issue
How success is measured in terms of addressing the issue
What remains to be done
The 3 most important points you learned from this assignment

APA style with Coverpage

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