Authentic Assessment

Pretend you are a voter who is being asked to decide on whether to abolish the personal income tax, corporate income tax, payroll tax, estate tax, and alternative minimum tax in their entirety and replace it with a flat “fair tax” on goods and services based on the description found at the Fair Tax website, Once again, identify/summarize the issue, analyze the evidence, evaluate the argument, and then come to a conclusion.

The authentic assessment is an exercise in critical thinking that employs a real world event or activity and utilizes the critical thinking rubric to evaluate your essay. Your essay must be double spaced with a font size no greater than 14 pt., and it must contain proper references.

In your essay, you are expected to (a) identify/summarize the problem or issue; (b) analyze the problem or issue; (c) evaluate the various arguments surrounding the issue; and (d) come to a conclusion that is supported by factual evidence.

Your essay needs to be at least 3 pages (not counting cover pages or references) but no more than 7 pages in length (including references). You should have at least 3 citations from different sources in your essays.

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