An RN working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

An RN working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is caring for a patient with an acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage related to Hepatitis C liver damage that resulted from cocaine abuse. At the end of the shift, the outgoing RN states to the incoming RN, “I have been in that patient’s room all day, transfusing blood products. It’s such a waste of resources. Why should we even bother to treat him, since he will just be using cocaine again after discharge?”
Initial Discussion Post:
Address the following:What is the most appropriate way for the incoming RN to approach this situation after hearing the outgoing nurse’s comments? Include ethical and legal considerations.What is the role of an RN in addressing the value system of other health care workers that may have a negative impact on patient care? Include ethical and legal considerations.Should an RN be able to refuse an assignment if a patient’s value system is in direct conflict with his/her own? Why or why not? Include ethical and legal considerations.
350 words
APA format  no more than 5 years
and in text citation

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