Advertising Analytics

Article: Advertising Analytics 2.0 by Wes Nichols

  1. The article describes programmatic marketing and discusses the transition from swim lanes analysis to attribution, optimization, and allocation. Explain the core principles and ideas of this article.
  2. Programmatic marketing is becoming an important driver of the shift to data driven marketing in many companies. It may in the future increase the role of digital advertising mediums like Google search, Facebook and Twitter at the expense of reduced television advertising? Is this likely to reduce the creativity of marketing initiatives.

(Questions 1 and 2 should be 400- 600 words – you may cite other sources)

  1. This week’s lecture on predictive modelling talks about predicting next best offer – provide a brief example of how your company or industry could predict the next item a customer would be interested in. Mention 3 or more predictors.

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