500 words essay about communication

Reflection Prompt:

Think a bit about your own multi-faceted SOCIAL identity. What is one specific example of how communication has played a role in shaping, reinforcing, and/or challenging some part of your social identity? What about your example involves communication? How did communication function to shape, reinforce, and/or challenge part of your identity. Reference explicitly at least one of the readings on identity from week 5.

Your work must be your own original response to this prompt.

A note about reflection structure: 500 words equal about 2 double-spaced pages. You should write in complete sentences, use paragraphs, spell check, and proofread. Also, for each assignment, EVERY word (including quoted words) count toward the total word count.

Grading Criteria:

If you have a question or concern about your grade, once it is posted, go see your TA in person. We do not respond to comments posted here.


1. Is your response 450-500 words? Include your word count as the last word in your assignment. Simply include the number. This is a word limit, not suggestion.

2. Is your response proofread and spellchecked?

3. Is your response coherent and well-structured?


1. Did you provide an appropriate and specific example of your social identity?

2. Did you clearly explain how communication played a part in shaping, reinforcing, and/or challenging some part of your social identity?

3. Did you clearly explain the communication aspect of your example?

4. Did you explicitly reference at least one of the readings from week 5?

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