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The following requirements correspond to the criteria in the assignment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point: Analyze organizational or system strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in relation to the selected project aim.       Support the SWOT analysis with contextual information specific to the organization or health care system. Identify and rate major known risks (low, medium, high risk) that could be barriers to the project. Explain major assumptions for the project, including a description of logistical constraints that may affect the fidelity of the project. Summarize pertinent ethical considerations that may be encountered during the project.       Address protected health information, HIPAA, human subject considerations, equitable care, and appropriate use of data. Describe the communication strategies that will be used during the project.       Specify how the project manager will communicate to the executive sponsor, project team members, and stakeholders, including frequency of status updates, project team meetings, and so on. Include descriptions of any visual tools or processes that will be used in communication such as Gemba walks, Gantt charts, dashboards, or safety cross. List proposed outcomes and corresponding metrics to measure the outcomes.       Operationally define outcome measures. Operationally define process measures. Describe the purpose and use of the data collection plan.              Include a description of primary or secondary data, source, data integrity, and data security plan. Attach a data collection tool in Excel appropriate for the data source and time frame for the project; include this as an appendix.  

John is a doctor in Hope Geral hospital. The doctor has been working for five years. He started working in this hospital when he acquired his degree though this is the hospital in which he did his internship. Doctor John is the doctor in judge in Hope General Hospital. The doctor’s leadership style is transformational leadership. The doctor is focused on bringing change to the organization. Dr. John leads his team, and also he is a mentor to most nurses who are doing their intern in the organization, Dr. John takes at least three hours to monitor what the nurses in practice are doing and also he uses this time to guide them. The Dr is also friendly to the patient, and most patients have hi number, and they can call the doctor any time within the working hours for assistance. For emergency cases, the doctor has another number that patients use to call for help. The doctor works both within the organization and outside when the need arises.

Dr. John is a transformational leader; he communicates a lot with his team (Gray et al., 2017). He conducts a lot of open meetings; this is to allow his team members to express their views regarding the change the doctor he what to make. Since Dr. John was assigned as the doctor in judge, he has made a lot of changes within the organization. At first, the rate of readmission was 40%, but in the past five years, the rate has dropped by half.

The doctor has a vital role he is playing within the organization; the Dr ensures that every department is running effectively, and also he has a communication chain that helps him to gather information which can help the organization become more productive. Dr. John encourages a lot of teamwork. An example, in every ward, Dr. John ensures that there are three professionals from different departments who are delivering care to the patients.

I chose Doctor John as my preceptor because some time ago, I accompanied my father to the hospital, and his case required this particular doctor to attend to him. As the doctor as examining him, he sounded friendly and ready to explain to us every procedure my father will require, and also, he made us understand the health issue that was affecting my father. From this incident, I saw the doctor be the best mentor to me. Most people from my community also trust the doctor due to his good work. The doctor is in charge of the organization he has ensured that professions are comfortable within the organization and will the recruitment team members to focus on other things instead of recruiting professionals regularly. Due to the change today, patients are safe in HGH, and the patient outcome has improved significantly.

Different health care leaders have different strategies that can help an organization, but also patients can be of great help in giving views that will govern the organization (Nelson et al., 2015). The purpose of a health care organization is to achieve the patient outcome; therefore, to get to know what the patients can be of great help. When conducting health care, this can be the best time to understand what the patients need. Different patients have different needs, but the primary need is quality services; thus, from the many options the patient will give, the leader should choose the best views.

The leader can protect health issues; this is because the primary role of a health care leader is to ensure the organization can deliver quality services that help to achieve the patient outcome (Hannum et al., 2017). An example, falling has been an issue in most health care organizations. Looking at the problem, some organizations have overcome the issue while others have not. The difference is causes be the difference in governance. In HGH, the leader aims to make a change; thus, this leader has made proper strategies that will help him achieve this change, and results have been observed even though not to its maximum. Dr. John has been able to protect his team, which is to ensure that their jobs are secured. 

Ethics can be an issue if a leader does not take a good look at the problem. Today HGH has all the principles of ethics; this has helped the organization to receive the patient had lost to the competitors. Dr. John, together with his team, when an issue arises, they discuss, and Dr. John makes the final decision. For many years the organization had problems with high recruitment, which affected a lot the organization’s productivity, but since Dr. John was chosen as a leader, this has reduced significantly.

The issue Dr. John has encountered regarding organization data is the lack of useful data. Dr. John, when he reported first at the office, a lot of data, especially the finance files, were missing at that time the organization was falling due to lack of funds. Dr. John is not sure what he was to do to help the organization because even the drugs were not available at the organization. Dr. John made strategies and got some money, which enabled him to manage the organization until it was stable. The finance issue affected the organization for about two years. Today the organization is trusted with the community, and also they receive a patient from other communities this shows that the organization is now stable 
Write coherently to support a central idea, using correct grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting.

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